Window Cleaning

Proper tools and techniques.. we’ve got it down to an art.

At Fairview, our technicians work diligently to leave your home brighter, cleaner, and feeling more spacious with a full window refresh. We use safe cleaning products and professional tools to leave your windows streak-free. Great care is taken not to disturb your plants.

Exterior Window Cleaning


  • eco-friendly biodegradable Seventh Generationā„¢ brand solution used
  • window panes and sills wiped using micro-fiber cloth
  • panes squeegee’d clean for streak-free finish
  • ladder mitts and stabilizers used to prevent damage to your property’s exterior
  • LevelokĀ® ladder system for safety on uneven surfaces
  • stuck-on residue safely scraped off (paint, sap, etc.)
  • outside facing screens wiped clean
  • hard to reach skylights and railing glass cleaned with water-fed pole

Interior Window Cleaning


Window - Towel
Any remaining water drops and streaks are removed with a cloth, ensuring a crystal-clear finish.
  • footwear removed and disposable slippers worn
  • towels used to eliminate drips on your flooring
  • inside facing screens wiped clean


Our pricing system reflects average rates on standard residential homes. Certain jobs such as railing glass, awnings, french windows, etc. can incur an additional but discounted fee, depending on size of area needing service.